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GtoImmuPdb ligands only: Peptides encoded in the human, rat and mouse genomes.

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Ligand name ID Synonyms
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ACTH  {Sp: Human} 3633 Acthar®, adrenocorticotropic hormone (1-39), corticotropin
adrenomedullin  {Sp: Human} 683 AM
amphiregulin  {Sp: Human} 4864 colorectal cell-derived growth factor (CRDGF)
APRIL  {Sp: Human} 5068 A proliferation-inducing ligand, TALL2, TNF- and APOL-related leukocyte expressed ligand 2, TNF-related death ligand 1, TRDL-1, ZTNF2
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BAFF  {Sp: Human} 5069 B cell-activating factor, CD257 antigen, dendritic cell-derived TNF-like molecule
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C5a  {Sp: Human} 573 C5a anaphylatoxin, complement component C5a, human complement protein
CCL1  {Sp: Human} 812 I309, TCA-3
CCL11  {Sp: Human} 769 eotaxin
CCL13  {Sp: Human} 770 monocyte chemotactic protein-4
CCL14  {Sp: Human} 753 CCL14a, CKβ1, haemofiltrate CC chemokine 1 (HCC-1), HCC-1(1-74)
CCL15  {Sp: Human} 754 Lkn-1 [Leukotactin-1], macrophage inflammatory protein-1δ, MIP-1δ
CCL16  {Sp: Human} 1272
CCL17  {Sp: Human} 797 TARC, thymus- and activation-regulated chemokine
CCL18  {Sp: Human} 4382 macrophage inflammatory protein 4, small-inducible cytokine A18
CCL19  {Sp: Human} 810 β-chemokine exodus-3, ck β-11, ckβ11, MIP-3β
CCL2  {Sp: Human} 771
CCL20  {Sp: Human} 808 LARC, liver and activation-regulated chemokine, macrophage inflammatory protein-3α, MIP-3α
CCL21  {Sp: Human} 811 ckβ9, TCA-4
CCL22  {Sp: Human} 798 dc/β-ck, macrophage-derived chemokine, STCP1
CCL23  {Sp: Human} 755 ckβ8-1, myeloid progenitor inhibitor factor-1
CCL24  {Sp: Human} 775 eotaxin-2
CCL25  {Sp: Human} 817
CCL26  {Sp: Human} 776 MIP-4α, PTEC
CCL27  {Sp: Human} 3646
CCL28  {Sp: Human} 3649
CCL3  {Sp: Human} 756 macrophage inflammatory protein-1α, MIP-1α
CCL4  {Sp: Human} 757 HC21, macrophage inflammatory protein-1β, MIP-1β
CCL5  {Sp: Human} 758 eosinophil chemotactic cytokine [EoCP], regulated upon activation normal T cell expressed and secreted (RANTES)
CCL7  {Sp: Human} 759
CCL8  {Sp: Human} 772 monocyte chemotactic protein-2
CCL1  {Sp: Mouse} 4404
CCL11  {Sp: Mouse} 787 murine eotaxin
CCL12  {Sp: Mouse} 4435
CCL19  {Sp: Mouse} 4417
CCL2  {Sp: Mouse} 4406
CCL20  {Sp: Mouse} 4418
CCL22  {Sp: Mouse} 4420
CCL24  {Sp: Mouse} 4421
CCL25  {Sp: Mouse} 4422
CCL27  {Sp: Mouse} 4462
CCL28  {Sp: Mouse} 4463
CCL3  {Sp: Mouse} 4408
CCL4  {Sp: Mouse} 4410
CCL7  {Sp: Mouse} 4413
CCL8  {Sp: Mouse} 4415
CCL9  {Sp: Mouse} 4434
CCL5  {Sp: Mouse, Rat} 4412
CCL11  {Sp: Rat} 4416
CCL2  {Sp: Rat} 4407
CCL20  {Sp: Rat} 4419
CCL3  {Sp: Rat} 4409
CCL4  {Sp: Rat} 4411
CCL7  {Sp: Rat} 4414
Ccl21a  {Sp: Mouse} 8651 6Ckine-Ser, Exodus-2
Ccl21b  {Sp: Mouse} 8652 6Ckine-Leu, Exodus-2
CD40 ligand  {Sp: Human} 5077 CD40 ligand, membrane form
complement C3  {Sp: Human} 9414
complement C5  {Sp: Human} 8712
CRAMP  {Sp: Mouse} 6266
CXCL1  {Sp: Human} 819 GROα, melanocyte growth-stimulatory activity, MIP-2
CXCL10  {Sp: Human} 835
CXCL11  {Sp: Human} 836 IP9, ITAC
CXCL12α  {Sp: Human} 4358 CXCL12 α, SDF-1α, stromal cell-derived factor-1α
CXCL12β  {Sp: Human} 845 SDF-1β, stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1), stromal cell-derived factor-1β
CXCL12δ  {Sp: Human} 8531
CXCL12ε  {Sp: Human} 8532
CXCL12γ  {Sp: Human} 8530
CXCL12φ  {Sp: Human} 8533
CXCL13  {Sp: Human} 3645 BCA-1
CXCL14  {Sp: Human} 3680 BMAC
CXCL16  {Sp: Human} 855
CXCL17  {Sp: Human} 6479 C-X-C motif chemokine 17, dendritic cell and monocyte chemokine-like protein
CXCL2  {Sp: Human} 827 GROβ, MIP-2α
CXCL3  {Sp: Human} 828 GROγ, MIP-2β
CXCL4  {Sp: Human} 3685 platelet factor 4 (PF4)
CXCL5  {Sp: Human} 829 ENA-78
CXCL6  {Sp: Human} 820
CXCL7  {Sp: Human} 830 PPBP
CXCL8  {Sp: Human} 821 interleukin-8
CXCL9  {Sp: Human} 837 MIG, monokine induced by gamma-interferon
CX3CL1  {Sp: Human} 856 fractalkine, neurotactin
CXCL1  {Sp: Mouse} 4423
CXCL10  {Sp: Mouse} 4430
CXCL11  {Sp: Mouse} 4432
CXCL12  {Sp: Mouse} 4465
CXCL13  {Sp: Mouse} 4466
CXCL15  {Sp: Mouse} 3862 lungkine (mouse)
CXCL16  {Sp: Mouse} 4433
CXCL2  {Sp: Mouse} 4424 macrophage inflammatory protein 2 (MIP-2)
CXCL3  {Sp: Mouse} 4426
CXCL5  {Sp: Mouse} 4428
CXCL9  {Sp: Mouse} 4429
CX3CL1  {Sp: Mouse} 4468
CXCL1  {Sp: Rat} 826 CINC, GROα, macrophage inflammatory protein-2
CXCL10  {Sp: Rat} 4431
CXCL16  {Sp: Rat} 4467
CXCL2  {Sp: Rat} 4425
CXCL3  {Sp: Rat} 4427
CXCL5  {Sp: Rat} 4464
CX3CL1  {Sp: Rat} 4469
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Fas ligand  {Sp: Human} 5078 apoptosis antigen ligand, CD95L
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galectin-1  {Sp: Human} 6603 GBP
galectin-3  {Sp: Human} 6619 galectin 3, GALIG, LGALS2, MAC-2
galectin 9  {Sp: Human} 9594 Ecalectin, Gal-9, Tumor antigen HOM-HD-21
galectin-3 binding protein  {Sp: Human} 6615 L3 antigen, Mac-2-binding protein, MAC-2-BP
G-CSF  {Sp: Human} 4934 Granocyte®
GM-CSF  {Sp: Human} 4942 colony-stimulating factor, CSF
GPR15L  {Sp: Human} 10567 antimicrobial peptide-57, colon-derived SUSD2 binding factor
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hsp60  {Sp: Human} 4953 heat shock 60kD protein 1 (chaperonin), HSP-60, mitochondrial matrix protein P1
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ICOS ligand  {Sp: Human} 9593 CD275, B7 homolog 2, B7-H2, B7-related protein 1, B7RP-1, ICOS-L
IFN-α10  {Sp: Human} 4956 IFN alpha-10, interferon alpha-10, interferon alpha-6L, interferon alpha-C
IFN-α1/13  {Sp: Human} 4955 IFN-α1, IFN-α13, IFN-alpha 1/13, interferon alpha-1/13, interferon alpha-D
IFN-α14  {Sp: Human} 4957 IFN alpha-14, interferon alpha-14, interferon alpha-H, interferon lambda-2-H
IFN-α16  {Sp: Human} 4958 IFN alpha-16, interferon alpha-16, interferon alpha-WA
IFN-α17  {Sp: Human} 4959 IFN alpha-17, interferon alpha-17, interferon alpha-88, interferon alpha-T
IFN-α2  {Sp: Human} 4960 IFN-alpha-2, interferon alpha-2, Roferon A®
IFN-α21  {Sp: Human} 4961 IFN-alpha 21, interferon alpha-21, interferon alpha-F
IFN-α4  {Sp: Human} 4962 IFN-alpha-4, interferon alpha-4 , interferon alpha-4B, interferon alpha-76, interferon alpha-M1
IFN-α5  {Sp: Human} 4963 IFN-alpha-5, interferon alpha-5, interferon alpha-61, interferon alpha-G
IFN-α6  {Sp: Human} 4964 IFN-alpha-6, interferon alpha-54, interferon alpha-6, interferon alpha-K
IFN-α7  {Sp: Human} 4965 IFN-alpha-7, interferon alpha-7, interferon alpha-J, interferon alpha-J1
IFN-α8  {Sp: Human} 4966 IFN-alpha-8, interferon alpha-8, interferon alpha-B, interferon alpha-B2
IFN-β  {Sp: Human} 4967 Avonex® (recombinant IFN-beta-1a), fibroblast interferon, interferon beta
IFN-γ  {Sp: Human} 4968 Actimmune®, immune interferon, interferon gamma
IFN-κ  {Sp: Human} 4969 interferon kappa
IFN-λ1  {Sp: Human} 4993 IFN-lambda-1, interferon lambda-1, interferon-λ1, interleukin-29
IFN-λ2  {Sp: Human} 4991 cytokine Zcyto20, IFN-lambda-2, interferon lambda-2, interferon-λ2, interleukin-28A
IFN-λ3  {Sp: Human} 4992 cytokine Zcyto22, IFN-lambda-3, IFN-lambda-4, interleukin-28B (IL-28B), interleukin-28C (IL-28C)
IFN-ω  {Sp: Human} 4970 interferon alpha-II-1, interferon omega-1
IL-10  {Sp: Human} 4975 interleukin-10
IL-11  {Sp: Human} 4976 interleukin-11
IL-12  {Sp: Human} 4977 IL-12 p70
IL-13  {Sp: Human} 4980 hematopoietic growth factor, interleukin-13, mast cell growth factor, multipotential colony-stimulating factor, P-cell-stimulating factor
IL-15  {Sp: Human} 4981 interleukin-15
IL-18  {Sp: Human} 4983 ibocatdekin, interferon-γ-inducing factor, interleukin-1 gamma (IL-1 gamma), interleukin-18
IL-19  {Sp: Human} 4984 interleukin-19, melanoma differentiation-associated protein-like protein
IL-1α  {Sp: Human} 4973 hematopoietin-1, interleukin-1 alpha
IL-1β  {Sp: Human} 4974 catabolin, interleukin-1 beta
IL-2  {Sp: Human} 4985 aldesleukin, interleukin-2, Proleukin®
IL-20  {Sp: Human} 4986 cytokine Zcyto10, interleukin-20
IL-21  {Sp: Human} 4987 interleukin-21, ZA11
IL-22  {Sp: Human} 4988 cytokine Zcyto18, interleukin-22
IL-23  {Sp: Human} 4978
IL-24  {Sp: Human} 4990 interleukin-24, MDA-7, melanoma differentiation-associated gene 7 protein
IL-25  {Sp: Human} 5876 IL-17E, interleukin-17E, interleukin-25
IL-27  {Sp: Human} 6151
IL-3  {Sp: Human} 4994 interleukin-3 (IL-3), multilineage-colony-stimulating factor (mCSF)
IL-31  {Sp: Human} 4995 interleukin-31
IL-33  {Sp: Human} 5880 IL-1F11
IL-34  {Sp: Human} 8975
IL-36α  {Sp: Human} 5881 FIL1 epsilon, interleukin-1 epsilon (IL-1 epsilon)
IL-36β  {Sp: Human} 5882 FIL1 eta, IL-1 eta, interleukin-1 eta
IL-36γ  {Sp: Human} 5883 IL-1-related protein 2 (IL-1RP2), interleukin-1 epsilon (IL-1E), interleukin-1 family member 9, interleukin-36 gamma
IL-37  {Sp: Human} 6149 IL-1ζ, IL-23, interleukin-1ζ, interleukin-1-related protein (IL1RP), interleukin-23
IL-4  {Sp: Human} 4996 B-cell stimulatory factor 1, binetrakin, interleukin-4, pitrakinra
IL-5  {Sp: Human} 4997
IL-6  {Sp: Human} 4998 B-cell stimulatory factor 2, CTL differentiation factor, hybridoma growth factor, interferon β2, interleukin-6
IL-7  {Sp: Human} 4999 interleukin-7
IL-9  {Sp: Human} 5000 interleukin-9
IL-12A  {Sp: Human} 5001 IL-12 p35, interleukin-12A, NKSF1
IL-17A  {Sp: Human} 4982 CTLA-8, interleukin-17 alpha
IL-23A  {Sp: Human} 4989 IL-23p19, IL23A, interleukin-23 subunit alpha, interleukin-23A
IL-17A/IL-17F  {Sp: Human} 5874
IL-12B  {Sp: Human} 5002 IL-12 p40, IL-12B monomer, interleukin-12β, interleukin-12B, natural killer cell stimulatory factor 2
IL-17B  {Sp: Human} 5877
IL-17C  {Sp: Human} 5875 cytokine CX2, interleukin-17C
IL-17F  {Sp: Human} 5873 cytokine ML-1, Interleukin-17F
IL-1 receptor antagonist  {Sp: Human} 5878 IL-1ra, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein, IRAP
IL-36 receptor antagonist  {Sp: Human} 5879 IL-1 related protein 3 (IL1RP3), IL-1F5, IL-36ra, IL1F5, interleukin 1 family member 5 (delta)
IL-27 subunit α  {Sp: Human} 6152 IL-27 subunit alpha, interleukin-27 subunit alpha, p28
IL-27 subunit β  {Sp: Human} 6153 EBV-induced gene 3 protein, Epstein-Barr virus-induced gene 3 protein, IL-27 subunit beta, IL-27B, interleukin-27 subunit beta
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LIF  {Sp: Human} 5016 cholinergic differentiation factor (CDF), differentiation-inducing factor (DIF), human interleukin in DA cells (HILDA)
LIGHT  {Sp: Human} 5070 Herpesvirus entry mediator-ligand, TR2
liver enriched antimicrobial peptide 2  {Sp: Human} 9734 LEAP2
LL-37  {Sp: Human} 5527 antibacterial protein LL-37, cathelicidin LL 37 (human)
5-LOX activating protein  {Sp: Human} 5183 FLAP, 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein, arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein
lymphotoxin-α  {Sp: Human} 5064 TNFSF1, LTα, TNFβ
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macrophage migration inhibitory factor  {Sp: Human} 9981 L-dopachrome isomerase, MMIF
M-CSF  {Sp: Human} 4905 CSF-1, lanimostim, macrophage-CSF
[Met]enkephalin  {Sp: Human, Mouse, Rat} 1614 1-5 Adrenorphin, [Met]-enkephalin, IRT-101, methionine enkephalin, np2 enkephalin, opioid growth factor (OGF)
mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule 1  {Sp: Human} 9339 MAdCAM-1, addressin, MAdCAM1
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OX-40 ligand  {Sp: Human} 5076 glycoprotein Gp34, TXGP-1
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programmed cell death 1 ligand 1  {Sp: Human} 9606 PD-L1, B7 homolog 1, B7-H1, PDL1, programmed death ligand 1
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RANK ligand  {Sp: Human} 5066 receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand, osteoclast differentiation factor (ODF), osteoprotegerin ligand, TNFSF11
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selectin P ligand  {Sp: Human} 10014
semaphorin 3A  {Sp: Human} 9902
stem cell factor  {Sp: Human} 5055 SCF, c-Kit ligand
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TGFβ1  {Sp: Human} 5060 TGF-beta-1, transforming growth factor beta-1
thymic stromal lymphopoietin  {Sp: Human} 5083 TSLP
TL6  {Sp: Human} 5072 activation-inducible TNF-related ligand, glucocorticoid- induced TNF-related ligand
TL1A  {Sp: Human} 5071 Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 15, membrane form
tumour necrosis factor membrane form  {Sp: Human} 5073 TNF membrane form, cachectin, necrosin, TNFα
tumour necrosis factor shed form  {Sp: Human} 5074 TNF shed form, cachectin, necrosin, TNF alpha soluble form, tumor necrosis factor soluble form
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ulinastatin  {Sp: Human} 10359 Miraclid®, Ulinase®, Urinastatin®
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VIP  {Sp: Human, Mouse, Rat} 1152
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XCL1  {Sp: Human} 3647 c motif cytokine 1, cytokine SCM-1α, lymphotactin α
XCL2  {Sp: Human} 4370 C motif cytokine 2, lymphotactin β
XCL1  {Sp: Mouse} 4447 lymphotactin-α
XCL1  {Sp: Rat} 4446 lymphotactin-α