Immunopharmacology: challenges, opportunities and research tools - Meeting Report

At the beginning of October 2018 we held a meeting in Edinburgh focussed on the launch of the IUPHAR Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY. Invited speakers contributed to productive discussions on the varying challenges and opportunities in immunopharmacology research. This page has links to the slidesets from the meeting (where permission was granted) and to the meeting report which summarises the presentations, discussions and outcomes.

Immunopharmacology: The New Frontier

There has been immense progress in immunopharmacology, but there are insufficient links between the immunological and pharmacological sciences. Thus, we have set up several initiatives.

  • IUPHAR set up an immunopharmacology section (Immuphar) chaired by Francesca Levi-Schaffer
  • IUPHAR has signed an agreement with International Union of Immunological Sciences (IUIS, President Alberto Mantovani, who has also made major contributions to the field of check-point inhibitors) to ensure collaboration and cooperation
  • IUPHAR, NC-IUPHAR (chair Steve Alexander), the University of Edinburgh (PI, Pr Jamie Davies) and the Edinburgh database group (IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology) have been able to set up a new database on the drug targets in immunopharmacology, financed by a major grant from the Wellcome Trust. This is, which has been recently launched and is freely available to all. The BPS finance two staff in the Edinburgh group for which IUPHAR is immensely grateful
  • To celebrate this launch, a focussed immunopharmacology meeting was organised, which included the Anthony Harmar memorial lecture.

The launch of GtoImmuPdb has also been reported in a Nature Review Immunology Web Watch article: Harding SD et al. (2018). A new guide to immunopharmacology. Nat Rev Immunol, 18(12):729. [PMID:30327546]

Please read our detail meeting report which summarises the presentations, discussions and outcomes. Download Meeting Report (PDF)

Meeting Presentations

Anthony Harmer Memorial Lecture: Decision-making in lung immunity
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Prof. Tracy HussellDownload slides: pptx | pdf
The Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGYDr. Elena Faccenda, Dr. Chris Southan and Dr. Simon HardingDownload slides: pptx | pdf
Macrophage plasticity in immunopathology and cancer: from bench to bedsideProf. Alberto MantovaniDownload slides: pptx | pdf
Targeting Pattern Recognition Receptor signalling for therapeutic approachesProf. Clare Bryantslides not available
Discovering the right target in inflammatory diseaseProf. Iain McInnesslides not available
Is Atherosclerosis a Systemic or a Vascular Immune Disease?Prof. Pasquale Maffiaslides not available
Inhibit Activation or Activate Inhibition of Mast Cells and Eosinophils: Which Weapon is Better to Fight Allergic Diseases?Prof. Francesca Levi-SchafferDownload slides: pptx | pdf
IUPHAR: natural products and immunologyProf. Michael SpeddingDownload slides: pptx | pdf
Human type I interferon up regulation - worth targeting?Prof. Yanick CrowDownload slides: pptx | pdf
A review on kinase targets in immunological indicationsDr. Dorian FabbroDownload slides: pdf