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IUPHAR Immunopharmacology Section

IUPHAR LogoThe IUPHAR Immunopharmacology Section (chair Prof. Francesca Levi-Schaffer) is a group of scientist and clinicians working in universities and industry who are interested in the interrelationships between pharmacology and immunology


immunopaedia_logoImmunopaedia promotes education, knowledge and research in Immunology globally; it is an immediate source of immunology information for healthcare professionals, students and researchers.

Immunopaedia provides materials for teaching and learning immunology, from the basic immune system to advanced immunology and specialised focus areas. We are the official provider for online courses for the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS), where we create and host online courses to educate and support participants before and after Immunology conferences world-wide.

Clinical case studies utilise doctors’ real-world experiences to demonstrate diagnostic methods and treatments as well as explain immunological pathways of diseases. Immunopaedia is kept current and informed with regularly updated news articles on advances in research and interviews with leading immunologists. Expand your immunology knowledge now, join us on:

International Union of Immunological Societies

IUIS LogoThe International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) is an umbrella organization for many of the regional and national societies of immunology throughout the world. As articulated in its Constitution, the objectives of IUIS are:

  • to organize international co-operation in immunology and to promote communication between the various branches of immunology and allied subjects
  • to encourage within each scientifically independent territory co-operation between the Societies that represent the interests of immunology
  • to contribute to the advancement of immunology in all its aspects