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Targets Associated to Immuno Cell Types - Other T cells

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The Other T cells category includes the following Cell Ontology parent terms:

gamma-delta T cell (CL:0000798 - A T cell that expresses a gamma-delta (γδ) T cell receptor complex. A major subset of human γδ T cells express Vγ2Vδ2 TCRs (also termed Vγ9Vδ2 TCRs).
memory T cell (CL:0000814) - A distinctly differentiated long-lived T cell that has the phenotype CD45RO-positive and CD127-positive.
naive T cell (CL:0000898) - Mature T cell not yet exposed to antigen with the phenotype CCR7-positive, CD45RA-positive, and CD127-positive. This cell type is also described as being CD25-negative, CD62L-high and CD44-low.
mucosal invariant T cell (CL:0000940) - An alpha-beta T cell that is found in the lamina propria of mucosal tissues and is restricted by the MR-1 molecule.

This should encompass natural killer T cells, mucosal associated invariant T cells & memory T cells

Catalytic Receptors
GtoPdb receptor name (family) Cell Type Association Comments Cell Ontology Associations Immunopharmacology Comments
colony stimulating factor 1 receptor
(Type III RTKs: PDGFR, CSFR, Kit, FLT3 receptor family)
Expression down-regulated in response to HMB-PP or OKT-3 activation
    Activation of the CSF1R induces myeloid proliferation, and in the tumour microenvironment this promotes M1 to M2 polarization and accumulation of tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs). The CSF1R is therefore being investigated as an immuno-oncology drug target [1] ...