GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5875

Synonyms: cytokine CX2 | interleukin-17C
Comment: IL-17C is an IL-17 homolog, secreted by epithelial cells in response to bacterial challenge and inflammatory stimuli and that acts in an autocrine manner to control the innate epithelial immune responses necessary for regulating intestinal inflammation and barrier function [1-2].
In light of the potential clinical benefits arising from pharmacological inhibition of IL-17C activity, Galapagos NV, in collaboration with MorphoSys, have the first-in-class anti-IL-17C monoclonal antibody, MOR106, in clinical development for atopic dermatitis (see completed Phase 1 study NCT02739009).
Species: Human
1. Ramirez-Carrozzi V, Sambandam A, Luis E, Lin Z, Jeet S, Lesch J, Hackney J, Kim J, Zhou M, Lai J et al.. (2011)
IL-17C regulates the innate immune function of epithelial cells in an autocrine manner.
Nat. Immunol., 12 (12): 1159-66. [PMID:21993848]
2. Reynolds JM, Martinez GJ, Nallaparaju KC, Chang SH, Wang YH, Dong C. (2012)
Cutting edge: regulation of intestinal inflammation and barrier function by IL-17C.
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