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Target id: 2764

Nomenclature: CD19

Family: CD molecules

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Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 1 557 16p11.2 CD19 CD19 molecule 3
Mouse 1 547 7 F3-F4 Cd19 CD19 antigen 3
Rat - 547 1q36 Cd19 CD19 molecule
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Antibody Sp. Action Affinity Parameter Reference
inebilizumab Hs Binding 9.3 – 10.3 pKd 1
pKd 9.3 – 10.3 (Kd 5x10-10 – 5x10-11 M) [1]
blinatumomab Hs Binding 9.0 pKd 2
pKd 9.0 (Kd 1x10-9 M) [2]
Description: Binding of the single-chain Fv portion of blinatumomab to CD19.
Immunopharmacology Comments
CD19 is a B cell antigen used as a biomarker for normal and neoplastic B cells, and follicular dendritic cells. Anti-CD19 monoclonal antibodies are being investigated for potential clinical utility in oncology, transplantation and autimmune diseases (e.g. inebilizumab). Blinatumomab is a bispecific CD19/CD3e mAb already approved as a treatment for Philadelphia chromosome-negative precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-cell ALL), an uncommon form of ALL.
Cell Type Associations
Immuno Cell Type:  B cells
Cell Ontology Term:   B cell (CL:0000236)
Immuno Process Associations
Immuno Process:  Inflammation
GO Annotations:  Associated to 1 GO processes
GO:0030449 regulation of complement activation TAS
Immuno Process:  Cytokine production & signalling
GO Annotations:  Associated to 1 GO processes
GO:0038111 interleukin-7-mediated signaling pathway TAS
Immuno Process:  Immune regulation
GO Annotations:  Associated to 3 GO processes
GO:0030449 regulation of complement activation TAS
GO:0050776 regulation of immune response TAS
GO:0050853 B cell receptor signaling pathway IBA
Immuno Process:  Cellular signalling
GO Annotations:  Associated to 1 GO processes
GO:0050853 B cell receptor signaling pathway IBA
Immuno Disease Associations
Disease Name:  Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)
Disease Synonyms:  no synonynms
Comment:  CD19 is one of the molecular targets of the bi-specific antibody drug blinatumomab (also binds CD3e).
Disease X-refs:  OMIM: 613065
Clinically-Relevant Mutations and Pathophysiology
Disease:  Immunodeficiency, common variable, 3; CVID3
Synonyms: Common variable immunodeficiency [Orphanet: ORPHA1572] [Disease Ontology: DOID:12177]
Disease Ontology: DOID:12177
OMIM: 613493
Orphanet: ORPHA1572


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1. Damschroder M, Kiener P, Wu H, Dall'Acqua W, Herbst R, Coyle A. (2012) Humanized anti-CD19 antibodies and their use in treatment of oncology, transplantation and autoimmune disease. Patent number: US8323653 B2. Assignee: Medimmune, Llc. Priority date: 08/09/2006. Publication date: 04/12/2012.

2. Dreier T, Lorenczewski G, Brandl C, Hoffmann P, Syring U, Hanakam F, Kufer P, Riethmuller G, Bargou R, Baeuerle PA. (2002) Extremely potent, rapid and costimulation-independent cytotoxic T-cell response against lymphoma cells catalyzed by a single-chain bispecific antibody. Int. J. Cancer, 100 (6): 690-7. [PMID:12209608]

3. Tedder TF, Isaacs CM. (1989) Isolation of cDNAs encoding the CD19 antigen of human and mouse B lymphocytes. A new member of the immunoglobulin superfamily. J. Immunol., 143 (2): 712-7. [PMID:2472450]

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