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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 7985

Synonyms: anti-B7H1 monoclonal antibody | Imfinzi® | MEDI-4736 | MEDI4736
Approved drug Immunopharmacology Ligand
durvalumab is an approved drug (FDA (2017), EMA (2018))
Compound class: Antibody
Comment: Durvalumab is a monoclonal antibody directed against programmed death-1 ligand-1 (PD-L1, aka CD274), an important immunopharmacological drug discovery target in immuno-oncology.
Peptide sequence and structural information for this antibody are available from its IMGT/mAb-db record. A patent search suggests that the development and use of durvalumab may be covered by patent WO2011066389 [2], although we cannot verify this by peptide sequence matches as no sequences from this patent are pulled in a protein BLAST with the light or heavy variable regions of durvalumab peptide sequences. An X-ray crystal structure of the PD-L1/durvalumab complex has been submitted to the RCSB PDB (accession 5X8M) [1].
1. Lee HT, Lee JY, Lim H, Lee SH, Moon YJ, Pyo HJ, Ryu SE, Shin W, Heo YS. (2017)
Molecular mechanism of PD-1/PD-L1 blockade via anti-PD-L1 antibodies atezolizumab and durvalumab.
Sci Rep, 7 (1): 5532. [PMID:28717238]
2. Queva C, Morrow M, Hammond S, Alimzhanov M, Babcock J, Foltz I, Kang JS, Sekirov L, Boyle M, Chodorge M. (2011)
Targeted binding agents against b7-h1.
Patent number: WO2011066389. Assignee: Medimmmune, Limited, Astrazeneca Ab, Amgen British Columbia, Medimmune, Llc. Priority date: 24/11/2009. Publication date: 03/06/2011.