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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4016

Synonyms: neuropeptide RFRP-3 | NPVF
Species: Human
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1. Gouardères C, Mazarguil H, Mollereau C, Chartrel N, Leprince J, Vaudry H, Zajac JM. (2007)
Functional differences between NPFF1 and NPFF2 receptor coupling: high intrinsic activities of RFamide-related peptides on stimulation of [35S]GTPgammaS binding.
Neuropharmacology, 52 (2): 376-86. [PMID:17011599]
2. Gouardères C, Quelven I, Mollereau C, Mazarguil H, Rice SQ, Zajac JM. (2002)
Quantitative autoradiographic distribution of NPFF1 neuropeptide FF receptor in the rat brain and comparison with NPFF2 receptor by using [125I]YVP and [(125I]EYF as selective radioligands.
Neuroscience, 115 (2): 349-61. [PMID:12421602]
3. Gouardères C, Zajac JM. (2007)
Biochemical anti-opioid action of NPFF2 receptors in rat spinal cord.
Neurosci Res, 58 (1): 91-4. [PMID:17337079]
4. Mollereau C, Mazarguil H, Marcus D, Quelven I, Kotani M, Lannoy V, Dumont Y, Quirion R, Detheux M, Parmentier M et al.. (2002)
Pharmacological characterization of human NPFF(1) and NPFF(2) receptors expressed in CHO cells by using NPY Y(1) receptor antagonists.
Eur J Pharmacol, 451 (3): 245-56. [PMID:12242085]