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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 815

Synonyms: HHV8 vMIP-I | viral macrophage inflammatory protein
Comment: 71 amino-acid long protein; the precise sequence is not specified by the supplier in the reference
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1. Dairaghi DJ, Fan RA, McMaster BE, Hanley MR, Schall TJ. (1999)
HHV8-encoded vMIP-I selectively engages chemokine receptor CCR8. Agonist and antagonist profiles of viral chemokines.
J Biol Chem, 274 (31): 21569-74. [PMID:10419462]
2. Inngjerdingen M, Damaj B, Maghazachi AA. (2001)
Expression and regulation of chemokine receptors in human natural killer cells.
Blood, 97 (2): 367-75. [PMID:11154210]