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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 7453

Synonyms: Fulyzaq® | SP-303
Approved drug
crofelemer is an approved drug (FDA (2012))
Comment: Crofelemer is an oligomeric proanthocyanidin extracted from Croton lechleri, a South American flowering tree of the Euphorbiaceae (or spurges). We do not show a chemical structure for this complex molecule, but [2] shows a putative chemical structure.
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1. Gabriel SE, Davenport SE, Steagall RJ, Vimal V, Carlson T, Rozhon EJ. (1999)
A novel plant-derived inhibitor of cAMP-mediated fluid and chloride secretion.
Am J Physiol, 276 (1 Pt 1): G58-63. [PMID:9886979]
2. Tradtrantip L, Namkung W, Verkman AS. (2010)
Crofelemer, an antisecretory antidiarrheal proanthocyanidin oligomer extracted from Croton lechleri, targets two distinct intestinal chloride channels.
Mol Pharmacol, 77 (1): 69-78. [PMID:19808995]