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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 2459

Synonyms: decavanidate
Compound class: Inorganic
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1. Michel AD, Xing M, Thompson KM, Jones CA, Humphrey PP. (2006)
Decavanadate, a P2X receptor antagonist, and its use to study ligand interactions with P2X7 receptors.
Eur J Pharmacol, 534 (1-3): 19-29. [PMID:16487507]
2. Nilius B, Prenen J, Janssens A, Voets T, Droogmans G. (2004)
Decavanadate modulates gating of TRPM4 cation channels.
J Physiol (Lond.), 560 (Pt 3): 753-65. [PMID:15331675]