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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 2339

Synonyms: chloride
Compound class: Inorganic
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1. Bhattacharjee A, Joiner WJ, Wu M, Yang Y, Sigworth FJ, Kaczmarek LK. (2003)
Slick (Slo2.1), a rapidly-gating sodium-activated potassium channel inhibited by ATP.
J Neurosci, 23 (37): 11681-91. [PMID:14684870]
2. Iharada M, Miyaji T, Fujimoto T, Hiasa M, Anzai N, Omote H, Moriyama Y. (2010)
Type 1 sodium-dependent phosphate transporter (SLC17A1 Protein) is a Cl(-)-dependent urate exporter.
J Biol Chem, 285 (34): 26107-13. [PMID:20566650]
3. Mistrík P, Daudet N, Morandell K, Ashmore JF. (2012)
Mammalian prestin is a weak Cl⁻/HCO₃⁻ electrogenic antiporter.
J Physiol (Lond.), 590 (Pt 22): 5597-610. [PMID:22890707]
4. Yuan A, Santi CM, Wei A, Wang ZW, Pollak K, Nonet M, Kaczmarek L, Crowder CM, Salkoff L. (2003)
The sodium-activated potassium channel is encoded by a member of the Slo gene family.
Neuron, 37 (5): 765-73. [PMID:12628167]