Ligand id: 9807

Name: TNT009

Compound class Antibody
BIVV009 | IPN-009 | IPN009 | sutimlimab (proposed INN)
TNT009 is a humanised, monoclonal antibody that is designed to selectively inhibit the classical complement pathway by targeting C1s [3]; C1s being the serine protease component of the C1-complex in the complement pathway of the immune system. TNT009 is claimed in True North Therapeutics' patent WO2016164358A1 [4] and is likely to be the antibody designated as VH4/VK2 based on peptides matches between those provided in the submission to the WHO for INN sutimlimab and those in the patent application (namely SEQ IDs NOs 42 and 44). The research code TNT009 was changed to BIVV009 when True North Therapeutics were acquired by Bioverativ in 2017, and clinical trials are ongoing using both of these code names.
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