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RSTK functional heteromers C

Unless otherwise stated all data on this page refer to the human proteins. Gene information is provided for human (Hs), mouse (Mm) and rat (Rn).


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For the receptors listed on this page, the exact combination of subunits forming the functional heteromeric receptors is unknown.


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Targets of relevance to immunopharmacology are highlighted in blue


Transforming growth factor β receptor C Show summary »

Bone morphogenetic protein receptors C Show summary »

Target Id 2586
Nomenclature Bone morphogenetic protein receptors
Subunits activin A receptor type IL (Type I)
activin A receptor type 1 (Type I)
bone morphogenetic protein receptor type IA (Type I)
bone morphogenetic protein receptor type IB (Type I)
activin A receptor type 2A (Type II)
activin A receptor type 2B (Type II)
bone morphogenetic protein receptor type 2 (Type II)
Coupling Smad1, Smad5, Smad8  [1-2]
Endogenous agonists
BMP-10 (BMP10, O95393)
BMP-2 (BMP2, P12643)
BMP-4 (BMP4, P12644)
BMP-5 (BMP5, P22003)
BMP-6 (BMP6, P22004)
BMP-7 (BMP7, P18075)
BMP-8A (BMP8A, Q7Z5Y6)
BMP-8B (BMP8B, P34820)
BMP-9 (GDF2, Q9UK05)

Growth/differentiation factor receptors C Show summary »

Activin receptors C Show summary »

Anti-Müllerian hormone receptors C Show summary »

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