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SLC4 family of bicarbonate transporters C


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Together with the SLC26 family, the SLC4 family of transporters subserve anion exchange, principally of chloride and bicarbonate (HCO3-), but also carbonate and hydrogen sulphate (HSO4-). SLC4 family members regulate bicarbonate fluxes as part of carbon dioxide movement, chyme neutralization and reabsorption in the kidney.

Within the family, subgroups of transporters are identifiable: the electroneutral sodium-independent Cl-/HCO3- transporters (AE1, AE2 and AE3), the electrogenic sodium-dependent HCO3- transporters (NBCe1 and NBCe2) and the electroneutral HCO3- transporters (NBCn1 and NBCn2). Topographical information derives mainly from study of AE1, abundant in erythrocytes, which suggests a dimeric or tetrameric arrangement, with subunits made up of 13 TM domains and re-entrant loops at TM9/10 and TM11/12. The N terminus exhibits sites for interaction with multiple proteins, including glycolytic enzymes, haemoglobin and cytoskeletal elements.


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