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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 661

Synonyms: [Ac-Lys-[d-βNal7,Ile8]des-Arg9]bradykinin | R 715 | R715
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1. Gobeil F, Neugebauer W, Filteau C, Jukic D, Allogho SN, Pheng LH, Nguyen-Le XK, Blouin D, Regoli D. (1996)
Structure-activity studies of B1 receptor-related peptides. Antagonists.
Hypertension, 28 (5): 833-9. [PMID:8901831]
2. MacNeil T, Feighner S, Hreniuk DL, Hess JF, Van der Ploeg LH. (1997)
Partial agonists and full antagonists at the human and murine bradykinin B1 receptors.
Can J Physiol Pharmacol, 75: 735-740. [PMID:9276157]