N-methyl-Phe-Lys-Pro-D-Cha-Cha-D-Arg-CO2H   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 572

Comment: Synthetic analogue of peptide C5a
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1. Kawai M, Quincy DA, Lane B, Mollison KW, Or YS, Luly JR, Carter GW. (1992)
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J Med Chem, 35: 220-223. [PMID:1732540]
2. Konteatis ZD, Siciliano SJ, Van Riper G, Molineaux CJ, Pandya S, Fischer P, Rosen H, Mumford RA, Springer MS. (1994)
Development of C5a receptor antagonists. Differential loss of functional responses.
J Immunol, 153 (9): 4200-5. [PMID:7930622]