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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 3640

Synonyms: C3a anaphylatoxin | C3a anaphylatoxin polypeptide | complement component C3a
Species: Human
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1. Ames RS, Nuthulaganti P, Kumar C. (1996)
In Xenopus oocytes the human C3a and C5a receptors elicit a promiscuous response to the anaphylatoxins.
FEBS Lett, 395 (2-3): 157-9. [PMID:8898085]
2. Ames RS, Tornetta MA, Foley JJ, Hugli TE, Sarau HM. (1997)
Evidence that the receptor for C4a is distinct from the C3a receptor.
Immunopharmacology, 38 (1-2): 87-92. [PMID:9476119]
3. Scully CC, Blakeney JS, Singh R, Hoang HN, Abbenante G, Reid RC, Fairlie DP. (2010)
Selective hexapeptide agonists and antagonists for human complement C3a receptor.
J Med Chem, 53 (13): 4938-48. [PMID:20527893]