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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 9944

Synonyms: MM433593
Immunopharmacology Ligand
Compound class: Synthetic organic
Comment: The authors of this study claim MM-433593 is a oral, potent and selective inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase-1 (FAAH1) with potential for treatment of pain, inflammation, and other disorders [1].
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2D Structure
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Physico-chemical Properties
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Hydrogen bond acceptors 4
Hydrogen bond donors 1
Rotatable bonds 7
Topological polar surface area 73.22
Molecular weight 447.13
XLogP 5.38
No. Lipinski's rules broken 1
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Canonical SMILES COc1nccc(c1)NC(=O)C(=O)c1c2cc(C)ccc2n(c1C)Cc1ccc(cc1)Cl
Isomeric SMILES COc1nccc(c1)NC(=O)C(=O)c1c2cc(C)ccc2n(c1C)Cc1ccc(cc1)Cl
InChI InChI=1S/C25H22ClN3O3/c1-15-4-9-21-20(12-15)23(16(2)29(21)14-17-5-7-18(26)8-6-17)24(30)25(31)28-19-10-11-27-22(13-19)32-3/h4-13H,14H2,1-3H3,(H,27,28,31)
Immunopharmacology Comments
FAAH inactivates the biologically active fatty acid amides, a family of signaling lipids that includes the endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoid receptor agonists that have anti‐inflammatory and analgesic activities. Prevention of endocannabinoid degradation by FAAH enzyme inhibitors is predicted to enhance their anti‐inflammatory and analgesic effects.