GtoImmuPdb ligands only: Low molecular weight, non-peptidic, biogenic compounds produced by life processes (normally endogenous and of animal origin, including hormones and neurotransmitters) and their close analogues.

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Ligand name ID Synonyms
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(-)-adrenaline 479 adrenalin, Auvi-Q®, Epipen®, l-adrenaline, L-epinephrine, levoepinephrine
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betamethasone 7061 SCH-4831
butyric acid 1059 butanoic acid, butyrate, C4
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clobetasol propionate 7062 CCI-4725, Clobex®, Dermovate®, GR 2/925, Temovate®
corticosterone 2869
cortisol 2868 Acticort®, Plenadren®
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desoximetasone 7067 A-41-304, HOE-304, R-2113, Topicort®
diflorasone diacetate 7068 Psorcon®, U-34865
dopamine 940 3-hydroxytyramine
dyphylline 7070 Dilor®
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flumethasone pivalate 7075 Locorten®
flunisolide 7076 AeroBid®, RS-3999
fluocinolone acetonide 7077 Capex®, Iluvien®, Synalar®
fluocinonide 7078 Fluonex®, Lidex®
fluorometholone 7079 Flarex®, FML®
fluticasone propionate 7080 Advair Diskus®, ArmonAir RespiClickTM, CCI-18781, Flovent®
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loteprednol etabonate 7085 HGP-1, Lotemax®, P-5604
LTB4 2487 leukotriene B4
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medrysone 7086 U-8471
methylprednisolone 7088 Medrol®, U-67590A
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PAF 1831 PAF (C16), PAF C-16, platelet activating factor
PGE2 1883 Cervidil®, minprositin E2, minprostin E2, Propess®, prostaglandin E2
PGF 1884 prostaglandin F
prednisone 7096 Lodotra®, Sterapred®
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rimexolone 7099 ORG-6216, Vexol®
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tauroursodeoxycholic acid 4746 TUDA, tauroursodeoxycholate, TUDCA